Mission Statement

To provide housing products and services to stakeholders as well as management of Council estates.

Departmental Core Functions

Departmental Core Functions

Provision of housing services.
Provision of primary education and library services.
Provision and management of burial services.
Provision and management of informal sector.
Provision of sports and recreational facilities.


The Department is headed by the Director Housing located at 6004 Tilcor Road, Zengeza 4, Chitungwiza. The Department of Housing and Community Services encompasses the Housing, Social Amenities, Welfare and Education. The Department’s mandate is to provide accommodation, manage the Housing waiting list and strategy formulation and implementation.The Department is key in the comprehensive land delivery process as it generates demand for stands through the waiting list. It also forms basis of the Estates account which funds major projects like stand servicing, management of leases up to land transfer.

The Department also processes cessions in line with housing policy.

The Department is composed of the following seven sections:-

  1. Directorate
  2. Seke North District Office
  3. Seke South District Office
  4. St Mary’s District Office
  5. Zengeza District Office
  6. Communities and Welfare
  7. Parks and social amenities.



In realizing its mandate the Department is governed by the following statutes and policies:-

  1. Constitution of Zimbabwe
  2. Burial and Cremation Act
  3. Deceased Estates Succession Act (Chapter 6:02)
  4. Deeds Registries Act (Chapter 20:05)
  5. Environmental Management Act (Chapter 20:27)
  6. Housing Standards Control (Chapter 29:08)
  7. Housing and Building Act (Chapter 22:07)
  8. Public Health Act
  9. Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act
  10. Public Finance Management Act (Chapter 22:19)
  11. Public Debt Management Act
  12. Private Voluntary Organization Act
  13. Public Entities and Corporate Governance Act
  14. Urban Council Act (Chapter 29:15)
  15. Urban Area(Omnibus Services) Act (Chapter 29:14)
  16. Regional, Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12)
  17. Traditional Beer Act.
  18. Water Act (Chapter 20:24)
  19. Council By-laws
  20. Management of Urban Stateland Manual
  21. National Housing Policy
  22. National Water Policy
  23. Ministerial Circulars and Directives e.g. Moratorium on Land.
  24. Council Housing Policy



Community Services and Welfare Section

This section covers the provision of public utilities, sports and recreational facilities. It also manages the use, maintenance and repairs of the public facilities. These utilities include Halls, Libraries, Schools, Stadiums, Sporting or Playgrounds and Parks. The Section deals with community interface and the general welfare of the public. The Section works with policy makers in identifying vulnerable groups or individuals and maintain a record of such in case of external intervention and assistance from the Government.

There are three welfare Centre’s namely:

  1. Zengeza 1 Welfare Centre
  2. Zengeza 3 Welfare Centre
  3. Seke North Welfare Centre

And two halls namely:

  1. Unit L Community   Hall
  2. St Mary’s Community  Hall



There are nine Council Schools as listed below 

Secondary and High Schools 10 18
Primary 17 9 12




There are three libraries namely:-

  1. Unit F library
  2. Zengeza library
  3. St Marys library

 Libraries:  Hours of business

During the week 0800 am – 1500pm
Weekends/ Holidays Closed

 No extra fee is charged during holidays

Sporting Facilities

There are 6 sports fields namely:

  1. Seke south play ground
  2. Zengeza 2 play ground
  3. Macheka play ground
  4. Zengeza 3 playground
  5. Unit O play ground
  6. Zengeza 4 play ground



There are two Acting Parks Superintendents named Kawisi Walter and Mrs Wadzanayi Dube who are responsible for all amenities functions in

Amenities section.

 Parks and Amenities

We have five recreational sites located in our four district offices. The sites are not in good conditions due to lack of adequate water.

We have two cemeteries the one in Unit ‘L’ which is no longer functional and the new cemetery located in Nyatsime area.


There are two cemeteries namely:-

  1. Unit L cemetery which is no longer functional
  2. Nyatsime cemetery which is currently in use


  1. Burial Charges Table as at 24 January 2020
Adults $1050.00 $ 300.00
Juveniles $ 525.00 $150.00


Decentralization programme

All Council services are now decentralized at Administration District level namely Seke North, Zengeza, Seke South and St Marys.