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To promote and provide a professional working environment that encourages creativity, teamwork, insight and enthusiasm for positive impact on our clients.


The Internal Audit mission is to assist council and management in optimizing internal control systems that significantly increases their ability to accomplish its objectives through production of value added audit reports.

The internal audit is guided by The Internal Audit Charter. The charter authorises the Audit Manager to direct a comprehensive program of internal audit work in form of reviews, previews, consultancy advisory, evaluations, appraisals, assessments, re-performance and investigation of functions, processes, controls and governance framework in the context of the municipality’s business objectives. As such, the Audit Manager has unrestricted access to any council records and information, as such relevant employee or employees of the council must avail any information requested by the auditor, failure to do so is an offence.

For this purpose all members of internal audit are authorised to have full, free and unrestricted access to all functions, property, records of information, accounts, files and any other documentation they deem as necessary for the conduct of their work 

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Chitungwiza Municipality is located 25 km from the capital City, Harare.The name Chitungwiza was derived from Dungwiza, the village of legendary prophet Chaminuka. Chitungwiza is rated the third largest urban settlement after Harare and Bulawayo.


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