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The First Choice Town With Abounding Opportunities for Investment by 2023.


To administer and provide reliable quality service delivery for sustainable growth within the town.


PR section falls under the Town Clerk Department. The office liaise with the Town Clerk and management on how to tackle issues or give positive response to the media that do not tarnish the organisation’s image. It also implements communication channels. If not guided, any communication to the press brings the organisation’s name into disrepute.

Image creation and maintenance is the section’s main duty.

Faciliate the publication of articles and adverts in the press.

Ensure stakeholders are briefed on all relevant issues and approved information dissemination.

Plan for all public events and attending i.e budget consultative meetings and exhibitions to makert the brand Chitungwiza.


The section is repsonsible for the promotion and enhancing of the Corporate image.

It also promotes the Corporate’s social responsibility.

Engaging the Corporate’s internal and external clients. Attend to postal mail within a day of receiving it. Preparing press statements or press relases for the organisation. Facilitate the publication of articles and adverts in the press. Briefing stakeholders of relevant issues and Council activities. Planning of all public events and meetings with different stkaholders. Plan for annual events like Stakeholders budget consultative meetings, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, Local Government Investment Conference.

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Chitungwiza Municipality is located 25 km from the capital City, Harare.The name Chitungwiza was derived from Dungwiza, the village of legendary prophet Chaminuka. Chitungwiza is rated the third largest urban settlement after Harare and Bulawayo.


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