Mayor Maiko raises alarm over killings and drug abuse

Chitungwiza Mayor, Councilor Lovemore Maiko has raised alarm over the grisly killings and massive drug abuse happening in the town calling for all hands-on deck to end the mishaps.
He said this in a statement challenging the public, residents as well the enforcements agents to be on the look-out and help to thwart these merciless killings.
“We have witnessed a number of cases being reported of dead bodies of residents found murdered on the streets. This is a cause for concern,” said Cllr Maiko.
“It is against this background that I wish to challenge the public, residents as well the enforcement agents to be on the look-out and help to thwart these merciless killings.
“On drug abuse, we have seen the youth losing focus after taking drugs like Crystal Meth commonly referred to as Guka Makafela, Marijuana, Mutoriro, and many others. As a result of increased substance use by the youth, has attributed to more severe violence that also leads to murder. We are losing our future leaders and this cannot continue under our watch.”
Councillor Maiko further stated that murder cases being reported week in, week out are worrisome.
“On October 21, a resident was murdered in Ward 7, and a week before, another body was also found dumped in Unit J. Therefore, it is my clarion call to all and sundry that we must unite and stop these incidences.
“Our community is now living in fear of the unknown. We need to create safe and habitable societies. It is therefore imperative that we come together as residents and address this problem to ensure that the sanctity of life is preserved,” he added.
He also implored residents to keep an eye on their children so that they desist from abusing drugs.
“On the same note, it is high time that we engage the enforcement agents to assist us establish Neighbourhood Watch Committees that will patrol our environs.
“In addition, stakeholders in and around Chitungwiza should also come on board and amplify their voices against these scourges. As Council alone, we cannot win this war, but together we can.”