Chitungwiza Municipality

The Council is the highest structure of local government in Chitungwiza.

What Councillors Do

The Council is the executive body of the Chitungwiza Municipality (CM) and is responsible for making top-level decisions about how Chitungwiza is governed. The Council is also the legislative body of the CM  and makes  resolutions that are implemented by management. Council sets the CM tariffs for rates and services in Chitungwiza, decides what the CM budget is and how it will be spent, and enters into service level agreements with private agencies that do business with the CM.

Council also debates local government issues, ratifies or rejects proposals and disposes of capital assets. When the CM Council makes its decisions, it is guided by the Integrated Development Plan, a framework that outlines how the CM plans to reach its goals. The by-laws and policies that Council decides on are monitored by the Portfolio Committees.

Council also elects the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor .The CM’s Management Team is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the CM Council’s decisions.

Chitungwiza has 25 Councilllors  representing  25 Wards.



The Mayor


The Mayor is the elected leader of local government in Chitungwiza and has specific roles and responsibilities derived from the Urban Councils Act as well as decision-making authority as delegated by Council.


The Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor exercises the powers and performs the duties of the Mayor if absent.


About us

Chitungwiza Municipality is located 25 km from the capital City, Harare.The name Chitungwiza was derived from Dungwiza, the village of legendary prophet Chaminuka. Chitungwiza is rated the third largest urban settlement after Harare and Bulawayo.


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