Service delivery in Chitungwiza is set to improve following the procurement of two refuse compactors and two ambulances by the Council using devolution funds.
The vehicles were bought at a cost of Zwl $32 million out of the Zwl $60, 8 million received from treasury as devolution funds.
Permanent Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in Harare Metropolitan Province, Mr Tafadzwa Muguti applauded council for its efforts saying this was a move in the positive direction.
“As you are all aware, Chitungwiza has of late suffered from poor service delivery issues resulting to constant complaints and general disgruntlement within the community,’’ said Mr Muguti.
“We look forward to the local authority using the equipment and vehicles acquired to diligently serve the residents and enhance the standard of living for residents.
“It is commendable that devolution funds have been used to purchase capital equipment meant to enhance service delivery and we sincerely appreciate the transparency.”
Mr Muguti commended the need to ensure that transparency takes centre stage when using devolution funds and the involvement of the communities.
“Today’s event is especially important for us as a ministry because we have always emphasised that there is need for transparency around devolution funds.
“It is also important that communities be involved in discussions concerning the use of devolution funds. This helps to ensure buy in from ratepayers and secure a fruitful partnership between the local authority and ratepayers,” he said.
He also stressed the need for a bottom-up approach when implementing the devolution programme.
“A bottom-up where bureaucrats should also consult the community before deciding how devolution funds should be used as well as the projects to be undertaken is critical.